Retirement Boarding

All inclusive board rates for retired horses

Our goal at NFF is to give your horse the wonderful retirement he deserves. Our horses gave us such pleasure in their prime and now it is our turn to provide the best possible care in their later years.


We strive to keep the horses in as natural an environment as possible. Elderly horses need extra attention. It is difficult to monitor them when they are turned out to pasture in a large herd. Instead, we have divided our land into several 3-5 acre fields. If at all possible, every horse will have a carefully selected turnout buddy. Not every horse tolerates company, so we have private turnout fields available. We also have "dry lots" available for horses that should not have access to grass.


We stay current on all research regarding the needs of the senior horse. It is our job to cater to the needs of the "high maintenance" horse. With the right care, senior horses can be fat and happy to the end. Your horse deserves the best, and he can receive the best possible care at North Forty Farm. Our all inclusive pricing starts at $575 per month. Our own horses are a testament to the lifestyle we provide. They have never been happier!


20 miles north of Aiken, South Carolina. When we were looking for a place to retire our own performance horses, we discovered Johnston, SC. It is a lovely area with amazing weather, friendly people, and plenty of equine activity. We are one mile down a dirt road off of route 121: accessible, but private. Your horse will love it here!



Lynda and Mike personally care for all the horses on the farm. It is our belief that you cannot find a higher level of care anywhere for any price. Our boarders- several who have tried other options before finding us- will attest to the attention to detail we provide.


We designed our new barn to catch the summer breezes: large matted stalls, grilled partitions on all sides with large grilled windows in the back of the stalls. Each stall has a fan and automatic fly spray system. The roof is insulated and we chose the most reflective color available.

Our second barn is now complete! Six stall center aisle with grilled windows and stall fronts.


43 acres of pasture
The property is fenced and cross fenced with Horseguard fencing into large pastures suitable for full time use for 1-3 horses each. We are thrilled with the Horseguard fencing. Over the years we have had every type of fencing available & nothing compares to the safety of Horseguard. All pastures have shade and full time turnout fields have 10’ X 20’ run-in sheds. Pastures are well maintained and picked up regularly.


Feeding program

  • All horses are fed individually, 3-4 times a day
  • Diets are customized for every horse by our in house equine nutritionist
  • We feed Triple Crown Senior with amazing results!
  • Top quality Orchard hay & Wyoming alfalfa hay- soaked for our IR horses
  • Optional supplements fed daily- we prefer Smartpaks™


Routine Care

  • Owners live on premises for 24 hour care
  • Horses examined daily and groomed weekly
  • Blankets and flysheets as needed
  • Daily flyspray and hosing during hot weather
  • first aid & medications as needed
  • monthly email/text updates with pictures
  • Fees: $725/ month stall board, $575/ month field board


Scheduled Maintenance

  • Hoof trims every 4-6 weeks
  • Targeted de worming every 8 weeks
  • Yearly vaccinations- EWT, West Nile and rabies
  • All included!

Medications, supplements, dental care and emergency vet care will be billed directly to owner.


End of life care & expenses

The sad fact is, that our retired horses will eventually pass away. We feel it is our duty to monitor the quality of life of each horse and inform the owner when we feel their horse's time has come. We will be present when the vet comes and make sure the horse is kept calm until the end. As often as possible, we will bury the horse in his own field.  Expenses include the vet fee; usually $400-450 and a burial fee of $500.

232 Gabe Road

Johnston, SC 29832

803 275 0164