North Forty Farm

A Southern Equine Retirement Facility     

Get the attention you and your horse deserve.

At North Forty Farm qualified professionals with 40+ years experience handle every aspect of your horse's care.


Our boarders come from all different backgrounds. The event horse imported from Australia, the big Eq. horse from Florida, the rescue horse from Massachussetts, several pony club mounts & the mini from Wellington have all found a place here and in our hearts. We treat each horse like our own and appreciate them for their unique personalities.


Every horse gets attention every day. This isn't the typical "10 horses in a field with a roundbale" situation. Nothing escapes our notice. From the mare that goes a bit off her feed each month to the mini that needs a muzzle, we recognize what each horse's individual needs are and address them.


Molly, who owns Spot, a retired tb gelding with cushings, has this to say about our farm: “Finding a boarding facility that caters to your horse’s needs is very difficult. North Forty Farm provides this level of high quality care that you expect to find for your cherished companion. Having a senior horse, the “golden years” prove to be a critical time when being assertive is a must. I trust Mike and Lynda’s years of knowledge and experience to provide earnest, dependable care for Spot.”

232 Gabe Road

Johnston, SC 29832

803 275 0164